Tea and Good Intentions

After the success of being part of the Without Decor scheme at The King's Head Theatre for showing 'outstanding potential' and a preview at the Canal Cafe Theatre in April Tea and Good Intentions came back for two special performances. These were open to all refugees, workers, charities and volunteers in the sector to celebrate their hard work and were held on the 26th and 27th September at the Canal Cafe Theatre.

Tea and Good Intentions is a very British comedy about a Syrian refugee who comes to England and the excitement of the middle-aged ladies in a very sheltered village who play host to him. Hilarity and heartbreak ensues as this unlikely pair start to mean far more to each other than they intended.


This is a story of humanity, of two people who desperately need each other and of the coming together of communities.​ We are working with a real Syrian refugee and an actor with Syrian heritage in the cast who have beautifully interwoven Arabic throughout.

We are very excited to be working with Adam Morley who will be co-producing as well as directing Tea and Good Intentions written by Felicity Huxley-Miners. Adam is an award winning film and theatre director who has worked extensively touring the in UK, on the West End and for Baroque Theatre Company. He champions minorities and diversity in the arts and has directed Newsrevue, the world's longest running comedy show at the Canal Cafe Theatre where he is an Associate Director.

"Like the Syrian Refugee Crisis meets Calendar Girls" 

“It was a moving and well-observed play. I run Speak Street, which supports refugees with the help of volunteers, and I can say I recognized a few characters in the play too!"

Joanna Bevan, Speak Street

"The show is so beautifully woven together to tell a story of how the human condition copes with change, with unthinkable horrors and with new family love whilst simultaneously giving the "refugee crisis" a recognisable face. This show is definitely a must-see!”

Amy, STAR Network

“Incredibly knowledgable, charmingly witty and devastatingly beautiful!” 

“What a heart-warming, beautiful and thoughtful performance. A must-see that will make you laugh, reflect, love, and shed a tear or two.”

Amber, Donate4Refugees

“Shrewdly observed, funny and achingly sad” 

The Cast...

"A hilarious study in competitive niceness… All the components are in place for a classic comedy”


“Touches upon the incendiary politics of the present day” 


“ The effect is superb political satire”


Directed by                  Adam Morley


Supported by              Farnham Maltings

"Funny and enchanting and heart wrenching all at the same time."


"The mix of humour and sadness was perfect."